Introductie Brand bier Drielandenomloop Zondag 1 Mei 2016

De Drielandenomloop is een begrip in wieler minnend Nederland en daarbuiten. De Brand bier Drielandenomloop is een wedstrijd waarvan het parcours door Nederland, Duitsland en België voert. De afstand bedraagt veelal rond de 190 km. De eerste Drielandenomloop werd in 1981 georganiseerd vanuit Kerkrade. Vanaf 1984 deed de omloop Bocholtz aan. Sinds 2014 staat de Drielandenomloop weer - na een afwezigheid van 17 jaar - op de nationale wieleragenda. De wedstrijd staat als zeer zwaar en uitdagend bekend. Alleen de allerbeste teams en renners in de categorie Elite/beloften kunnen een gooi doen naar de overwinning. De imposante erelijst spreekt boekdelen.

De 20e Brand bier Drielandenomloop, the Crossborder race Limburg,
zal plaatsvinden op zondag 1 mei 2016.

The crossborder race of Limburg

Mission of crossborder Limburg
Anyone who lives on the border is quite used to it. They know the neighbours’ habits and their culture. To them borders don’t mean obstacles but opportunities. Opportunities to create something together. They go the extra mile just as the cyclists of the famous Brandbier Three country pro cycling Tour (Drielandenomloop) do. To live, work and sport together cross border. That’s exactly what Limburgers do.

Limburgers make connections; they’re bridge-builders who dare to think in possibilities. Not only are they good at lots of things, they’re also swift to adapt. You will experience this open and hospitable attitude the minute you cross the border into Limburg and start your training and race.
Limburgers are internationally minded. They ‘are as likely to bump into someone they know in Aachen as in Amsterdam. Limburgers are Europeans, but with their own strong identity. They have something special to contribute to Europe and to the Netherlands as a trading and sport orientated nation.

The international way of thinking, trading and playing with borders is part of Limburg’s DNA. It is inherent in the history of the province and Limburg’s place on the map. Limburgers know that this inbuilt ability to identify with other languages and cultures, in combination with their inborn flexibility and insight into the fact that borders offer opportunities, gives them the advantage in both knowledge and expertise. And Limburg wants to retain this advantage.

Limburg is a heroic story that needs to be told so that others will pass it on. The cyclists who all aim for the podium will become part of this heroic story by taking part at the Three country pro cycling Tour ; “the crossborder race of Limburg”. Whether the winner or the last cyclist to finish, they all cycled on the roads of the unique crossborder region in Europe.

Please pass on this story and experience of Limburg, so others will learn of this proud and exceptional cross border region in the heart of Europe.

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